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I'm Pleased to Announce

My good people! The writing bug bit me and I'm currently working on some FICTIONAL material! It's looking like a short story at the moment but who knows where it will go. I'm plugging away at it with joy and experimentation. I will be posting it on this blog in PDF format when it is complete. For discussion on pieces of art, I defer you to Curtis Serafin's where both he and I contribute thoughts in audio blog format.

For now, I'll leave you with an experiment I ran in 2017 as I made an attempt to expand writing ability through sonnet practice.

It tickles long-forgotten, dormant nerves,

And whispers to the eager ears of hearts.

It ferments in the mind through long life's curves,

Provides escape and drugs mortal'ty's darts.

Iridescent colorings do fill

The vague and distant sights of youthful lore:

The hunt gains glory with spectac'lar kill

And what was once a three is now a four.

At first one dives into its tingly bed,

And sinks into the safety of sweet dreams;

But soon false scenes of past are gone and dead,

As true reality rips at their seams.

One wakes as consciousness is ground on em'ry,

The victim of the spells of witching mem'ry.

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