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The Smile: Chapter Seven

I finished the seventh chapter before the sixth. I plan on posting chapter six in the next installment! "Lovers", Ulyana Linenko

The Smile: Chapter One

Hello all, I've been writing, for a few weeks now, the opening chapter of a project that's going to eat many months and maybe a year or...

Dear Diary

Greetings friends of Blog! For those who have been reading since the beginning (Mom), you know that I started on somewhat of a defined...

The Sabbath

Hello, I have completed this story. It is the length of a "novella." The most significant edit occurred in Chapter 9. I hope you enjoy!...

Little Sabbath Update

Hallo, I'm wrapping up the last chapter of the Sabbath. I will post it when I am done. The twelve chapters presented will not be the...

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