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The Smile: Chapter One

Hello all,

I've been writing, for a few weeks now, the opening chapter of a project that's going to eat many months and maybe a year or more of my writing. The project is big and, as you'll see, the direction of the story is going to go far away from what the opening chapters discuss. These are chapters meant to lay a certain kind of foundation for the much longer exposition I have in mind that will tell the story of the narrator and not the character featured in this opening section, Sasha.

Anyone who knows my family will recognize the autobiographical nature of this story. It will also be easy to spot how close Sasha Barak is to Sara Rosnow. How much overlap there will be or already is between Sasha Barak and Sara Rosnow, I cannot say. The teenage romance described in this opening chapter, for example, has nothing whatsoever to do with Sara's life experience. On the other hand, the description of Sasha as an artistic, spiritual soul is a direct reference to Sara Rosnow. None of these considerations would concern a reader unfamiliar with my family's history. For those who are aware, know that Sasha is both a fabrication and a tribute.

Two things as I go forward: any post having to do with this project will be labelled "The Smile: Chapter #." Any post without this label will have nothing to do with the novel. Also, I thought it was a good practice that at the end of "The Sabbath" I went back to edit each chapter and compiled them all into a final version. I will do this again, here, with "The Smile."

Zack Brown

The Smile
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